Machine Instructions


Step 1 - Set Up The Machine

Make sure to put machine in a location where it is cool so everything freezes properly. Then, simply plug it in and let it run. You should set up at least 3 hours before the party starts, but the earlier the better.

Important Note: Do not put the machine directly against the wall. The fan in the back needs space to breathe and the slushy will not freeze if you do this.

Step 2 - Put In The Liquids

Pour mix into the machine until you've reached the bottom of the label on the mix. Then, pour in water and alcohol until you reach the MAX line on the machine. Do not go over because liquid may leak if you go over the line. With the extra mix left over, fill up the rest of the mix container with water and put it into the fridge. When the machine gets low, add it back in and it should freeze quickly.

For more specific directions on alcohol and recommendations, speak to my dad. (I'm underage so I can't help you there)

Step 3 - Let It Freeze and Enjoy!

Congrats! Everything should be working by now. If something isn't, you're welcome to contact us at (925) 937-7265.  Please note that we do not give refunds if you start the machine up too late or you put it in the sun and it is too hot to freeze.

Step 4 - Cleaning The Machine

We do most of the cleaning ourselves, but you can help by draining the machine of its liquids and quickly washing it off with water and a couple drops of dish soap. As mentioned, we clean it again after, so it doesn't need to be perfect.